Thursday, January 14, 2010

The ultimate guide to red

The color red

Red stimulates the nervous system and increases appetite. It also heightens the sense of taste and smell.

Red is a very hard color to shop for because there are so many different kinds. A very important decision to make when choosing your shade is the texture. Some examples of things to pay attention to regarding textures are opaque to concentrated clear tints and shimmery reds with gold/pink flecks. Some of these can make you look yellow and sickly, and others can give you the look of a sexy seductress.

So when you’re out searching for the right shade of red for you. Here are some tips to remember.

Blue-Reds: Plums, wine and soft berries have a violet or purple tinge and are cool tones. These are perfect for people with fair skin and dark coloring.

Brown-Reds: Chocolate and dark berries make up these reds. With deep brown hues and as warm, strong tones they will work best with Asian or olive skin tones.

Pink-Reds: A fusion of rose and fuchsia make up these pink-based reds. As cool shades they look good on fair skin with a pink undertone. But these reds would be too pale for dark chocolate skin tones.

Orange-Reds: With hints of yellow these lively reds are warm, and look best on Asian or dark skin tones. Unfortunately for the fair skinned ladies out there, these shades will wash you out!

Red for blondes:
Try a red gloss with a touch of wine, blue or russets. It will bring out your skin tone and show off that bright beautiful smile. Line your eyes with a black or dark blue liner in the outer corners of the bottom lid and give yourself a sultry sexy blonde bombshell look.

Red for brunettes
To accentuate your skin tones and make your eyes "POP". Try experimenting with blue reds, yellow reds and clear syrupy glosses. These would look STUNNING with a black smoky eye and a dewy plum red cream blush finish. This look will definitely turn some heads.

Red for Asian skin:
All you ladies out there with yellow skin tones. A red with blue in it will work out best. Finish off the look with a classic black line on your upper lid. You can follow the shape of your lid or give it a cat tail.

Red for dark skin:
A beautiful burgundy red will look both beautiful and sophisticated. It will give you a boost of confidence giving you a glow that will leave you feeling powerful enough to go for that promotion at work you've been dying for.

Red for redheads:
To bring out the beauty of your hair and skin. I recommend that you try a red with brown and golden undertones. You will look and feel like a goddess as you walk down the street, go to work or even a night on the town.

Red on olive skin:
To my ladies out there with tan skin. Try a more dramatic red and add a touch of black liquid eyeliner to complete the look. Give yourself a boost of confidence and feel sexy enough to rumba with that hot stud you've had your eye on.

For a perfect pout
Prep your lips before applying color and cover your lips with a thin layer of foundation or powder.

Line the top and bottom lip from the center to each outer corner. Be sure to follow your natural lip line. (DO NOT LINE OUT SIDE OF YOUR NATURAL

Apply your color from the center out and add some gloss and your done.
Tip: Chill your lip liner pencil in the freezer before sharpening and it will glide right on.

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