Monday, January 25, 2010

The guide to pink

The color pink

Pink is a color that most girls love to wear. Pink reminds us of innocence, romance, happy times, kisses and that warm fuzzy feeling inside. It’s a sweet and sassy color that can be worn any time. It can be blended with just about every color. From brown shades to shades of violet; you can do almost anything with the color pink. Pink perks you up and will give you a glow of happiness. So when it comes to pink pucker up baby .

Pink for blondes:
Pale pinks with blue undertones in them are a match for any blonde. You can experiment with all kinds of pink makeup. From all over shimmer for a radiant glow to a pretty cream shadow or tinted lip gloss. Ash blondes will look best in cooler pinks like light iced out lipsticks. Golden blondes look perfect in pinks that more redder.

Pink for brunettes:
Have fun experimenting with pinks, your coloring allows you the freedom to run wild with your imagination. But be in caution when using pastels.

Pink for redheads:
The rules have changed! Redheads can enjoy pink too! The shade of pink you should try is opaque pink blush or eye shadows. Pale and transparent pinks will look lovely on you no matter where you put it.

Pink olive skin:
For your skin tones you should use ice frosty pinks and stay away from pinks with red undertones.

Pink for dark skin:
Ladies you can wear every shade of pink there is. From a pale pink lip to a dark magenta shade for you eyes. Once again pink is a perfect match for you.

Pink for Asian skin:
Your yellow undertones are easily complimented with pinks that contain blue tones. Peachy pinks will not do you justice.

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