Thursday, January 21, 2010

The guide to purple

The color purple

To many the color purple means romance, royalty, relaxation. Lavender is often thought as a stress reliever and is used for bathing. The flower lavender is harvested and made into fragrances, oils and soap. In the middle ages when they made purple dye only the royalty and priests were allowed to wear the color. Cleopatra loved purple so much, she had her slaves soak 20,000 murex snails for weeks just to get one ounce of purple dye. The color purple must have made her feel like the queen that she was. Purple is also one of the sexiest colors next to red.

Purple for brunettes:
Plums and violets are your best friend. Doesn’t matter where you wear it, your lips, cheeks or eyes you’ll look absolutely ravishing from head to toe. You can give yourself a nice stain on your lips for daytime wear. At night put some dark plum on your lips; stain your cheeks and some dark eyeliner. Strut your stuff and land yourself into a sexy situation.

Purple for dark skin:
Once again ladies, this is a color made just for you. With your dark eyes and skin you can wear any dark shade of purple. Give yourself a dramatic look with some dark enriched purples with magenta undertones. Intense berry shades will also work well with you. Enjoy the purple; love the purple because it’s yours for the taking.

Purple for Asian skin:
For your yellow undertones purple with blue hues is your best match. Some violet on the cheeks will look absolutely cute!

Purple for blondes:
Light shades of purple like lilac or a light violet will look fabulous on any blonde. For night time wear stain your cheeks with a plum shade and don't be afraid to bust out the liquid eyeliner.

Purple for redheads:
For any situation lilacs with red undertones can brighten your day. Shades like a raspberry or plum with red in it. Great shades to use for lip gloss or cream blush. Don’t forget that black eyeliner ladies.

Purple for olive skin:
Because you have yellow undertones you compliment the color purple. Your skin tone will look great in shades of lilacs. Apply some dark purple in your crease of your eye and contour it to your eye shape. Highlight the brow bone with a lighter shade of purple. Add some black mascara and curl those eyelashes and you will look like the diva that you are.

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  1. I have issues with purple. When i apply the eyeshadow or eyeliner it leaves an unattractive saggy bag look under my eyes. Any suggestions for that?