Thursday, January 21, 2010

The guide to yellow and gold

The colors yellow and gold

Yellow and gold represent many things. Yellow gives the statement of energy, power and the continuity of life. Since primeval times gold has been regarded as a precious metal. These colors evoke the memories of the past in Egypt and other cultures in a time of sun worship. Yellow and gold are thought to be mystical, powerful and ancient.

Yellow and gold for brunettes:
Gold and sunny yellows bring out the little flecks of color in brown eyes. Gold goes well with most brunettes, no matter how or where you wear it. From cheek shimmer to nail enamel. If you have dark hair, feel free to experiment with bold yellows and gold’s.

Yellow and gold for blondes:
For blondes with skin tones that vary from fair to warm. A light gold or bright yellow will work wonderfully, it can be matte or a shimmer. Canary yellows on blue eyes give them a look of turquoise.

Yellow and gold for Asian skin:
Ladies your skin tones look absolutely stunning in dark mustard yellows. A dark shimmery gold will also be perfect for night time wear.

Yellow and gold for olive skin:
If you are always looking for that perfect shade of yellow and gold but always find yourself washed out. Try using dark yellows with gold or brown undertones.

Yellow and gold for redheads:
For redheads with fair skin a lovely subtle shade of yellow is just right. Try shades like corn or sand for daytime wear. A light lemon shade will make hazel eyes pop!

Yellow and gold for fair skin:
My fair skinned ladies if you have ivory, gold or peach undertones hot yellows are just for you. If you have pink tones and porcelain skin, pastels are your best friend.

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