Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The guide to orange and coral

The colors orange and coral

Oranges and corals are energizing, luminous and mood enhancing colors. They represent warmth and at times humility. In fact, some of the most influential people in the world are the strongest proponents of orange. Orange is a color of love and happiness.

Now that we know what kind of vibe people often get from the colors orange and coral. We can learn how to bring out our features using different shades of corals and oranges.

Oranges and corals for blondes:
For blondes with fair skin and pink tones, try out some coral in your daily routine. This will enhance your features nicely. Summer is a perfect time to experiment with this color.
Peach and golden shades look best on warmer blondes.

Oranges and corals for brunettes:
For your darker colorings try shades of coral and orange with more gold tones. Use a pearlescent coral or orange nail polish or lip gloss.

Oranges and corals for dark skin:
If you have dark skin use strongly enriched oranges. They will draw attention to your facial features. If your skin tends to be ashy or dull, an orange tonal foundation will correct it. An orange toned concealer will also work great.

Oranges and corals for fair skin:
For the fair skinned ladies with peach undertones. A mandarin orange will bring out a flush of color. If you have porcelain skin then salmon and pale oranges will suit you best.

Orange and coral for redheads:
For pale and freckly, complexions a soft peach gloss and a hint of coral on the cheeks is an amazing look.

Orange and coral for olive skin:
If you have an olive skin tone like me, then bright corals mixed with oranges with copper and bronze hues.

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