Monday, March 29, 2010

Renovating the website

Hello EvErYbOdY

I met someone over the weekend in a very random place. We started conversing about makeup and skin care. I as usual was in a hurry, I forgot my business cards. I gave her my info and what not. Its times like these, that make me remember why I love to be a makeup consultant. It's not just about marketing makeup. It is about teaching those who need help. I am renovating my website, and getting things into place. As I said before it is a work in progress. But I am going to get my office ready and we can get busy on some makeup.. Thank you to my three subscribers and all the women outside of my blog that I have come into contact with. I expect soon I shall have more of a crowd. I am in no hurry, there is much to learn and teach.


Sunday, February 28, 2010

a work in progress

Ok everyone... I have given you some info and basic tips on makeup and makeup accessories. This blog is a work in progress. Right now I just don't have time. I will add pics to all the blog topics to give you a better view of what I write about.So if your tuning in for the first time, you didn't miss anything. I will be working on this blog sum more.. There is so much to write about when it comes to makeup.. If minerals are not for you; not to worry I will be adding different brands to my website very soon. Until next time, I hope that what I have written is helpful. I have a few other projects going on as well as life. There will be more to come..


Monday, February 22, 2010

Colors that match skin tones

These are easy tips to follow when learning the right colors for you. There are two categories that all of these fall under. Warm and Cool tones. Consider the tone of your skin first, than the eyes and hair. When creating a look, everything matters. Even though these are very good tips, do not be afraid to experiment and have fun with your looks.


Eyes: golden brown, green, blue, turquoise or hazel with gold flecks.
Skin: brown with golden undertones, pale with peach or gold undertones, freckled, ruddy or golden due to a tan.
Hair: brown but throws off red tones, red, strawberry blonde or grey with a yellow cast.

Best colors:
Cheeks - apricot, peach, bronze
Lips - bronze, plums, spice, cherry reds, yellow reds, brick reds, apricot browns, soft peach, soft beige, cocoa, toast, brown-peach, peachy-bronze.
Clothes - brights such as red, blue, yellow, and earth tones such as khaki, rust, olive, warm brown, beige.

Worst colors: Bluish pinks or dull, pale pinks.


Eyes: Deep brown, black/brown, grey blue, dark blue, hazel with grey or blue flecks.
Skin: Chocolate brown, true olive (most Asian and Latino skin), medium with no color in cheeks, or pale with pink in cheeks, pale with pink undertones, or bronze due to a tan.
Hair: Blue-black, dark to medium brown with no red undertones, golden blonde, grey or white.

Best colors:
Cheeks - Pink, rosy shades
Lips - blue reds, berry, soft rose, mauve, burgundy, maroon browns, raisin, pink-browns.
Clothes - deep jewel tones, burgundy, navy, deep indigo, chalky, soft pastels.

Worst colors: yellow & orange

Tones and colors that best suit the eye color.

BROWN: Play with dark violet, navy, blue, black or chocolate tones.

BLUE: Blues, grey-mauve and violet are especially good.

GREEN OR HAZEL: Eggplant, copper red, purple, mauve and various browns. A dark shade of teal as well.

Monday, February 15, 2010

How to find your skin tone

Choosing a concealer or foundation for your skin tone can be tough. Every cosmetics company calls each shade a different name. But if you are sure about your skin tone this can become an easy task, no matter the product line you choose.
Tip: It’s always been said, to match the shades to your wrist. Well, that’s not always right. Your arm can be a totally different tone than your face. If you tan naturally, have splotchy skin this can easily create a problem. Instead match the shade to your chest, neck area. This will also prevent that ugly “makeup line” that appears on the jaw line if the tones aren’t matched properly. If your skin tone changes with the seasons, I advise that you find your tone for winter and the summer.

Cool: Your skin tends to be pinkish and you burn rather than tan in the sun. If your skin is a bit deeper your tan tends to be reddish rather than brown.

Neutral: Your tone is peachy, without obvious yellow or pink tones. You either burn immediately, or burn and then tan slightly.

Beige: Your coloring is beige-peach with a touch of yellow, and you may tan a bit.

Warm: You have noticeable peach to yellow undertones and tend to tan easily. If you are very pale you may still burn a bit at first. Your tan tends to be warm golden brown.

Golden: You have a rich yellow skin tone, without a hint of pink or beige. You tend to tan easily, unless you are very pale.

Olive: Your skin tone is beige without a hint of pink or yellow. You probably tan easily even if you are pale.

Level 0 Shade: Almost white on the skin. For the palest skin tones

Level 1 Shade: Extremely pale but with a bit of color.

Level 2 Shade: Pale but with color undertones.

Level 3 Shade: Light to medium skin tone.

Level 4 Shade: Medium skin tone.

Level 5 Shade: Caramel skin tones with any undertone.

Level 6 Shade: Between medium and deep.

Level 7 Shade: Deep Bronze or dark tan skin tones.

Level 8 Shade: Dark brown skin tones.

Level 9 Shade: Deepest skin tones – Usually called Ebony.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Beauty tip # 1

A few tips for skin care whether you have acne, oily, dry to combination skin or rosacea.

Everyone knows that this can be a problem that can cost you dearly. So here are some FREE tips on how to take care of your skin.

For dry to combination skin types, you can use soda water as a wash. This is a good for exfoliating the skin and giving it a clean smoother texture. Moisturize with a non greasy lotion, or use some extra virgin olive oil.

For oily skin try using lemon juice as an astringent. Rubbing your face lightly with the juice will help remove any excess oil that may be hiding inside your pores. It can also exfoliate you skin.

To calm irritated skin or rosacea these are some natural herbs found in pill form or teas. Aloe, fenugreek, burdock root, chamomile, red clover, rose hips, selenium, B vitamins and zinc. These can be soothing to the skin. They can be found in your nearest health foods store. There is also some, unique pine soaps used for cleaning the irritated rosacea areas. As for creams, I advise you get a prescription to properly treat the problem. These are just some soothing methods.

To treat blemishes. Forget the alcohol, use peroxide instead. DO NOT USE TOOTHPASTE!! I myself have been a victim to falling for that wives tale.

For a mint wash you can lay a warm damp clothe on your face for ten minutes. Take 1 tsp of peppermint oil in ½ cup cool water. Apply these by dabbing over your face with a cotton ball; never rub!

Also, a dab of triple antibiotic over night can help as well.

For a nice over night moisturizer take a quarter size portion of extra virgin olive oil and apply it all over your face. It will also give your skin a nice smooth texture.

Though these tips are useful, be sure to stay on your daily regimen. Eat healthy and drink water (pineapple juice is great for flushing out impurities as well)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

How to choose the right brushes and care for them

Here's a way to test out a brush. Balance the brush on its very tip. Hold the brush vertically on the back of your hand, bristles down, and lightly bounce the brush to test the strength of the bristles. They should only have a slight bend; if they splay or flatten completely, then the brush will be too difficult to use, and the makeup will go everywhere except where you want to put it.

When doing detailed work such as applying eyeliner or defining a brow, you need to add a little pressure with your brush as you apply it. If you have a bad brush the slightest pressure will move the bristles from 1mm to 5mm. And that is huge distance when talking about eyeliner.

With all brushes is a 50/50 ratio, you can buy an expensive brush or a painters brush and get a better outcome with the cheaper painters brush from the craft store. So this is a handy tip when going out to buy brushes.

To properly care for your brushes wash them once a week with a brush cleanser. I use paint remover which works great it is a soap. It washes clean. After I have cleaned them I use germx hand sanitizer. Let them dry on a towel.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Basic make up tools part 2

Make up sponges:

Makeup sponges, also known as cosmetics sponges, can be used to apply or remove certain types of makeup. You can also use them to apply moisturizer or a cleanser. They come in many varieties which can be found at local stores. You will find them wedge shapes, round puffs, infused with Vitamin E, smooth, rough, porous, dense.

Triangular, smooth, semi-dense makeup sponge wedges are best used to apply liquid foundation. A good wedge sponge will be smooth and have small pores for a flawless smooth liquid application. Sponges with larger pores will be good for removing makeup. They are also available infused with Vitamin E which is said to nourish and protect skin.

Smaller wedges with well-defined edges are best for blending in small areas. The sharply crafted edge can be used to fix or make changes to eye makeup without disturbing the entire area, and is perfect for managing lipstick smudges. To make changes without dragging the makeup around or smudging it, you can wet the sponge first. You can also do that before applying the liquid foundation or concealer.

A rough, porous makeup sponge is the best choice for makeup removal. These sponges are highly absorbent, and their rougher texture serves as a tool for dislodging makeup embedded in pores, ensuring a clean, fresh face. I highly recommended a cellulose makeup sponge for cleansing. These sponges hang on to cleanser during the removal process and if water is added to the sponge, the amount of cleanser needed is reduced. The porous nature of the cellulose sponge allows the cleanser and water to be distributed throughout the sponge and mixed together when gently squeezed. You can use sponges if you clean them properly. But I would strongly recommend that you use a new sponge for every application.

You also have other tools like eye lash curler, eye brow brush, eye lash separator. But these are pretty self explanatory.

When curling your eyelashes look straight and down and then curl them. Be sure to curl them for 20 seconds. Then add your mascara, use the eye lash separator to keep your eyelashes from sticking together.

Basic make up tools part 1

Basic makeup application tools:

Foundation Brush

Foundation brushes have long, flat bristles that are tapered at the ends, which is good for applying the liquid foundation evenly. There is also a concealer bush that looks the same just smaller.
Powder Brush
Powder brushes are big and fluffy, which allows them to apply loose foundation evenly.
Kabuki Brush

A kabuki brush has a large bunch of bristles firmly packed into a circular base, with a very short handle. This brush is commonly used for buffing on different types of face powders and can be used for mineral makeup. This brush will give you a complete even finish.
Blush Brush

A blush brushes are used for adding color to your cheeks. There are two types of blush brushes that are most popular: large and fluffy blush brushes or small and angled blush brushes. The bristles should be soft, which will give you a more natural look.
Eye shadow Brush

Eye shadow brushes are small and come in a wide variety of shapes. Angled or pointy eye shadow brushes are used to line the eyes; blunt brushes are used to add color to the eyelids.

Monday, February 1, 2010

How to find your face shape part 2

Oval shape:

If your face is rounded, long and narrow without any dominant areas. It is an oval shape and is a harmonious shape.

Round shape:

If your face looks circular, short and wide with a low round hair line and a short chin and rounded jaw line. You can slenderize by adding to the vertical emphasis to make it appear more oval.

Oblong shape:

If your face looks long and narrow with a wide jaw line. You can apply deeper tones under the chin and horizontally at your hair line. Giving the horizontal lines should be emphasized as much as possible. Especially brow shape, cheek color and lip shape. You can also use highlighting to give you a visual look of width.

Pear shape:

IF your face has a narrow forehead and hair line is broad and straight. You can add width to the forehead by highlighting with a lighter tone; to reduce the width of the jaw line.

Heart shape:

If your forehead is wide and your jaw and chin line is narrow. Minimize the width of the forehead with contouring with a darker tone and widen the jaw line by highlighting with a lighter tone.

Diamond shape:

If your cheek bones are predominant contrasts with a narrow chin or jaw line. You can minimize width of your cheek bones by contouring them with a darker tone. Highlight your jaw line and forehead with a lighter tone.

How to find your face shape part 1

When you want to find your face shape, you can start with measuring the three sections of the face. You can do this using the three section technique, let’s begin.

Section one:

Starts from the front hairline and ends at the middle of your eyebrows.

Section two:

Starts from the middle of the eyebrows and ends at the tip of your nose.

Section three:

Starts from the tip of your nose and ends at the tip of your chin.

If all three sections are equal then your face shape is called a harmonious one. If your face isn’t harmonious don’t worry. When makeup is used properly it can give you a flawless look. Try following these steps.

Comb and pin up your hair and get it out of your face

Remove any jewelry and glasses you my have on.

Look in the mirror and measure the sections with a fabric tape measure

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Introduction to the fundamentals of makeup

In the month of February we will be going into the fundamentals of makeup. There will be information on face shapes, skin tones, makeup brushes and other tools. These are your basic necessities to do your makeup. So stay tuned for all the fun stuff I am going to be writing about. I will be throwing in some random tips every now and then as well. Don't be afraid to write if you have comments or questions. Enjoy yourselves and don't forget to experiment!


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The color neutral

People often associate browns and beige with the earth. The color brown can bring many feelings of dejavu. It could even be thought of as romantic. There are many shades of the color neutral. It gives a subtle depth of other colors and surrounds a wide range of colors beyond brown. Even variations of black and white. You can blend this color with all colors of the spectrum. This is a color that every skin tone, hair type can enjoy. So get those brown palettes out ladies and don't be afraid to go sexy!

This concludes our color month chapter. Stay tuned for some new blogs and tutorials.

Monday, January 25, 2010

The guide to pink

The color pink

Pink is a color that most girls love to wear. Pink reminds us of innocence, romance, happy times, kisses and that warm fuzzy feeling inside. It’s a sweet and sassy color that can be worn any time. It can be blended with just about every color. From brown shades to shades of violet; you can do almost anything with the color pink. Pink perks you up and will give you a glow of happiness. So when it comes to pink pucker up baby .

Pink for blondes:
Pale pinks with blue undertones in them are a match for any blonde. You can experiment with all kinds of pink makeup. From all over shimmer for a radiant glow to a pretty cream shadow or tinted lip gloss. Ash blondes will look best in cooler pinks like light iced out lipsticks. Golden blondes look perfect in pinks that more redder.

Pink for brunettes:
Have fun experimenting with pinks, your coloring allows you the freedom to run wild with your imagination. But be in caution when using pastels.

Pink for redheads:
The rules have changed! Redheads can enjoy pink too! The shade of pink you should try is opaque pink blush or eye shadows. Pale and transparent pinks will look lovely on you no matter where you put it.

Pink olive skin:
For your skin tones you should use ice frosty pinks and stay away from pinks with red undertones.

Pink for dark skin:
Ladies you can wear every shade of pink there is. From a pale pink lip to a dark magenta shade for you eyes. Once again pink is a perfect match for you.

Pink for Asian skin:
Your yellow undertones are easily complimented with pinks that contain blue tones. Peachy pinks will not do you justice.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The guide to purple

The color purple

To many the color purple means romance, royalty, relaxation. Lavender is often thought as a stress reliever and is used for bathing. The flower lavender is harvested and made into fragrances, oils and soap. In the middle ages when they made purple dye only the royalty and priests were allowed to wear the color. Cleopatra loved purple so much, she had her slaves soak 20,000 murex snails for weeks just to get one ounce of purple dye. The color purple must have made her feel like the queen that she was. Purple is also one of the sexiest colors next to red.

Purple for brunettes:
Plums and violets are your best friend. Doesn’t matter where you wear it, your lips, cheeks or eyes you’ll look absolutely ravishing from head to toe. You can give yourself a nice stain on your lips for daytime wear. At night put some dark plum on your lips; stain your cheeks and some dark eyeliner. Strut your stuff and land yourself into a sexy situation.

Purple for dark skin:
Once again ladies, this is a color made just for you. With your dark eyes and skin you can wear any dark shade of purple. Give yourself a dramatic look with some dark enriched purples with magenta undertones. Intense berry shades will also work well with you. Enjoy the purple; love the purple because it’s yours for the taking.

Purple for Asian skin:
For your yellow undertones purple with blue hues is your best match. Some violet on the cheeks will look absolutely cute!

Purple for blondes:
Light shades of purple like lilac or a light violet will look fabulous on any blonde. For night time wear stain your cheeks with a plum shade and don't be afraid to bust out the liquid eyeliner.

Purple for redheads:
For any situation lilacs with red undertones can brighten your day. Shades like a raspberry or plum with red in it. Great shades to use for lip gloss or cream blush. Don’t forget that black eyeliner ladies.

Purple for olive skin:
Because you have yellow undertones you compliment the color purple. Your skin tone will look great in shades of lilacs. Apply some dark purple in your crease of your eye and contour it to your eye shape. Highlight the brow bone with a lighter shade of purple. Add some black mascara and curl those eyelashes and you will look like the diva that you are.

The guide to blue and green

The colors blue and green

Blue and green are both invigorating colors. They represent water, tranquility, beauty, health, and renewal of life. You will also be left with the feeling of being calm. Green can mean many things; one of the many is “envy”. Honestly, when I see green I think of the great outdoors and fresh air. So let’s check out what we can do with these two colors.

Blue and green for Red heads:
For the warm toned ladies out there. Earthy deep greens will look the best on you. If you have a light skin tone with a pinkish complexion light blues and aqua shades are perfect.
Don’t forget to add some black liner and your good to go.

Blue and green for brunettes:
Ladies ladies ladies… Feel free to run wild with emerald green and turquoise. With your brown tones and dark hair the look will be striking and ultra sexy.

Blue and green for blondes:
If you have pale skin experiment in caution with bright blues and greens. You can easily become overpowered by these shades. But when in doubt bust that navy blue eyeliner out. It is an excellent choice if you want to go with a sexy sophisticated look. It will also look perfect with sheer pastels and opaque tones.

Blue and green for dark skin:
You get the best deal out of them all. You can go from funky and dramatic to classy and sophisticated. Have fun with some brighter tones like teal and emerald. Or tone it down with a dark and sexy shade like hunter green.

Blue and green for olive skin:
Be careful when you are choosing your tones of green and blue. You can look washed out or yellow with the wrong shade. Colors to avoid for you are medium blues, blues with light or too deep of a tone. You want to stay in the middle.

Blue and green for Asian skin:
Unfortunately, many shades of green counteract with yellow tones. But here is something you can do. Use yellow greens and olive shades with some brown neutral browns.

The guide to yellow and gold

The colors yellow and gold

Yellow and gold represent many things. Yellow gives the statement of energy, power and the continuity of life. Since primeval times gold has been regarded as a precious metal. These colors evoke the memories of the past in Egypt and other cultures in a time of sun worship. Yellow and gold are thought to be mystical, powerful and ancient.

Yellow and gold for brunettes:
Gold and sunny yellows bring out the little flecks of color in brown eyes. Gold goes well with most brunettes, no matter how or where you wear it. From cheek shimmer to nail enamel. If you have dark hair, feel free to experiment with bold yellows and gold’s.

Yellow and gold for blondes:
For blondes with skin tones that vary from fair to warm. A light gold or bright yellow will work wonderfully, it can be matte or a shimmer. Canary yellows on blue eyes give them a look of turquoise.

Yellow and gold for Asian skin:
Ladies your skin tones look absolutely stunning in dark mustard yellows. A dark shimmery gold will also be perfect for night time wear.

Yellow and gold for olive skin:
If you are always looking for that perfect shade of yellow and gold but always find yourself washed out. Try using dark yellows with gold or brown undertones.

Yellow and gold for redheads:
For redheads with fair skin a lovely subtle shade of yellow is just right. Try shades like corn or sand for daytime wear. A light lemon shade will make hazel eyes pop!

Yellow and gold for fair skin:
My fair skinned ladies if you have ivory, gold or peach undertones hot yellows are just for you. If you have pink tones and porcelain skin, pastels are your best friend.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The guide to orange and coral

The colors orange and coral

Oranges and corals are energizing, luminous and mood enhancing colors. They represent warmth and at times humility. In fact, some of the most influential people in the world are the strongest proponents of orange. Orange is a color of love and happiness.

Now that we know what kind of vibe people often get from the colors orange and coral. We can learn how to bring out our features using different shades of corals and oranges.

Oranges and corals for blondes:
For blondes with fair skin and pink tones, try out some coral in your daily routine. This will enhance your features nicely. Summer is a perfect time to experiment with this color.
Peach and golden shades look best on warmer blondes.

Oranges and corals for brunettes:
For your darker colorings try shades of coral and orange with more gold tones. Use a pearlescent coral or orange nail polish or lip gloss.

Oranges and corals for dark skin:
If you have dark skin use strongly enriched oranges. They will draw attention to your facial features. If your skin tends to be ashy or dull, an orange tonal foundation will correct it. An orange toned concealer will also work great.

Oranges and corals for fair skin:
For the fair skinned ladies with peach undertones. A mandarin orange will bring out a flush of color. If you have porcelain skin then salmon and pale oranges will suit you best.

Orange and coral for redheads:
For pale and freckly, complexions a soft peach gloss and a hint of coral on the cheeks is an amazing look.

Orange and coral for olive skin:
If you have an olive skin tone like me, then bright corals mixed with oranges with copper and bronze hues.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The ultimate guide to red

The color red

Red stimulates the nervous system and increases appetite. It also heightens the sense of taste and smell.

Red is a very hard color to shop for because there are so many different kinds. A very important decision to make when choosing your shade is the texture. Some examples of things to pay attention to regarding textures are opaque to concentrated clear tints and shimmery reds with gold/pink flecks. Some of these can make you look yellow and sickly, and others can give you the look of a sexy seductress.

So when you’re out searching for the right shade of red for you. Here are some tips to remember.

Blue-Reds: Plums, wine and soft berries have a violet or purple tinge and are cool tones. These are perfect for people with fair skin and dark coloring.

Brown-Reds: Chocolate and dark berries make up these reds. With deep brown hues and as warm, strong tones they will work best with Asian or olive skin tones.

Pink-Reds: A fusion of rose and fuchsia make up these pink-based reds. As cool shades they look good on fair skin with a pink undertone. But these reds would be too pale for dark chocolate skin tones.

Orange-Reds: With hints of yellow these lively reds are warm, and look best on Asian or dark skin tones. Unfortunately for the fair skinned ladies out there, these shades will wash you out!

Red for blondes:
Try a red gloss with a touch of wine, blue or russets. It will bring out your skin tone and show off that bright beautiful smile. Line your eyes with a black or dark blue liner in the outer corners of the bottom lid and give yourself a sultry sexy blonde bombshell look.

Red for brunettes
To accentuate your skin tones and make your eyes "POP". Try experimenting with blue reds, yellow reds and clear syrupy glosses. These would look STUNNING with a black smoky eye and a dewy plum red cream blush finish. This look will definitely turn some heads.

Red for Asian skin:
All you ladies out there with yellow skin tones. A red with blue in it will work out best. Finish off the look with a classic black line on your upper lid. You can follow the shape of your lid or give it a cat tail.

Red for dark skin:
A beautiful burgundy red will look both beautiful and sophisticated. It will give you a boost of confidence giving you a glow that will leave you feeling powerful enough to go for that promotion at work you've been dying for.

Red for redheads:
To bring out the beauty of your hair and skin. I recommend that you try a red with brown and golden undertones. You will look and feel like a goddess as you walk down the street, go to work or even a night on the town.

Red on olive skin:
To my ladies out there with tan skin. Try a more dramatic red and add a touch of black liquid eyeliner to complete the look. Give yourself a boost of confidence and feel sexy enough to rumba with that hot stud you've had your eye on.

For a perfect pout
Prep your lips before applying color and cover your lips with a thin layer of foundation or powder.

Line the top and bottom lip from the center to each outer corner. Be sure to follow your natural lip line. (DO NOT LINE OUT SIDE OF YOUR NATURAL

Apply your color from the center out and add some gloss and your done.
Tip: Chill your lip liner pencil in the freezer before sharpening and it will glide right on.