Thursday, January 21, 2010

The guide to blue and green

The colors blue and green

Blue and green are both invigorating colors. They represent water, tranquility, beauty, health, and renewal of life. You will also be left with the feeling of being calm. Green can mean many things; one of the many is “envy”. Honestly, when I see green I think of the great outdoors and fresh air. So let’s check out what we can do with these two colors.

Blue and green for Red heads:
For the warm toned ladies out there. Earthy deep greens will look the best on you. If you have a light skin tone with a pinkish complexion light blues and aqua shades are perfect.
Don’t forget to add some black liner and your good to go.

Blue and green for brunettes:
Ladies ladies ladies… Feel free to run wild with emerald green and turquoise. With your brown tones and dark hair the look will be striking and ultra sexy.

Blue and green for blondes:
If you have pale skin experiment in caution with bright blues and greens. You can easily become overpowered by these shades. But when in doubt bust that navy blue eyeliner out. It is an excellent choice if you want to go with a sexy sophisticated look. It will also look perfect with sheer pastels and opaque tones.

Blue and green for dark skin:
You get the best deal out of them all. You can go from funky and dramatic to classy and sophisticated. Have fun with some brighter tones like teal and emerald. Or tone it down with a dark and sexy shade like hunter green.

Blue and green for olive skin:
Be careful when you are choosing your tones of green and blue. You can look washed out or yellow with the wrong shade. Colors to avoid for you are medium blues, blues with light or too deep of a tone. You want to stay in the middle.

Blue and green for Asian skin:
Unfortunately, many shades of green counteract with yellow tones. But here is something you can do. Use yellow greens and olive shades with some brown neutral browns.

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