Monday, February 22, 2010

Colors that match skin tones

These are easy tips to follow when learning the right colors for you. There are two categories that all of these fall under. Warm and Cool tones. Consider the tone of your skin first, than the eyes and hair. When creating a look, everything matters. Even though these are very good tips, do not be afraid to experiment and have fun with your looks.


Eyes: golden brown, green, blue, turquoise or hazel with gold flecks.
Skin: brown with golden undertones, pale with peach or gold undertones, freckled, ruddy or golden due to a tan.
Hair: brown but throws off red tones, red, strawberry blonde or grey with a yellow cast.

Best colors:
Cheeks - apricot, peach, bronze
Lips - bronze, plums, spice, cherry reds, yellow reds, brick reds, apricot browns, soft peach, soft beige, cocoa, toast, brown-peach, peachy-bronze.
Clothes - brights such as red, blue, yellow, and earth tones such as khaki, rust, olive, warm brown, beige.

Worst colors: Bluish pinks or dull, pale pinks.


Eyes: Deep brown, black/brown, grey blue, dark blue, hazel with grey or blue flecks.
Skin: Chocolate brown, true olive (most Asian and Latino skin), medium with no color in cheeks, or pale with pink in cheeks, pale with pink undertones, or bronze due to a tan.
Hair: Blue-black, dark to medium brown with no red undertones, golden blonde, grey or white.

Best colors:
Cheeks - Pink, rosy shades
Lips - blue reds, berry, soft rose, mauve, burgundy, maroon browns, raisin, pink-browns.
Clothes - deep jewel tones, burgundy, navy, deep indigo, chalky, soft pastels.

Worst colors: yellow & orange

Tones and colors that best suit the eye color.

BROWN: Play with dark violet, navy, blue, black or chocolate tones.

BLUE: Blues, grey-mauve and violet are especially good.

GREEN OR HAZEL: Eggplant, copper red, purple, mauve and various browns. A dark shade of teal as well.

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