Monday, February 1, 2010

How to find your face shape part 1

When you want to find your face shape, you can start with measuring the three sections of the face. You can do this using the three section technique, let’s begin.

Section one:

Starts from the front hairline and ends at the middle of your eyebrows.

Section two:

Starts from the middle of the eyebrows and ends at the tip of your nose.

Section three:

Starts from the tip of your nose and ends at the tip of your chin.

If all three sections are equal then your face shape is called a harmonious one. If your face isn’t harmonious don’t worry. When makeup is used properly it can give you a flawless look. Try following these steps.

Comb and pin up your hair and get it out of your face

Remove any jewelry and glasses you my have on.

Look in the mirror and measure the sections with a fabric tape measure

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