Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Basic make up tools part 2

Make up sponges:

Makeup sponges, also known as cosmetics sponges, can be used to apply or remove certain types of makeup. You can also use them to apply moisturizer or a cleanser. They come in many varieties which can be found at local stores. You will find them wedge shapes, round puffs, infused with Vitamin E, smooth, rough, porous, dense.

Triangular, smooth, semi-dense makeup sponge wedges are best used to apply liquid foundation. A good wedge sponge will be smooth and have small pores for a flawless smooth liquid application. Sponges with larger pores will be good for removing makeup. They are also available infused with Vitamin E which is said to nourish and protect skin.

Smaller wedges with well-defined edges are best for blending in small areas. The sharply crafted edge can be used to fix or make changes to eye makeup without disturbing the entire area, and is perfect for managing lipstick smudges. To make changes without dragging the makeup around or smudging it, you can wet the sponge first. You can also do that before applying the liquid foundation or concealer.

A rough, porous makeup sponge is the best choice for makeup removal. These sponges are highly absorbent, and their rougher texture serves as a tool for dislodging makeup embedded in pores, ensuring a clean, fresh face. I highly recommended a cellulose makeup sponge for cleansing. These sponges hang on to cleanser during the removal process and if water is added to the sponge, the amount of cleanser needed is reduced. The porous nature of the cellulose sponge allows the cleanser and water to be distributed throughout the sponge and mixed together when gently squeezed. You can use sponges if you clean them properly. But I would strongly recommend that you use a new sponge for every application.

You also have other tools like eye lash curler, eye brow brush, eye lash separator. But these are pretty self explanatory.

When curling your eyelashes look straight and down and then curl them. Be sure to curl them for 20 seconds. Then add your mascara, use the eye lash separator to keep your eyelashes from sticking together.

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