Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Basic make up tools part 1

Basic makeup application tools:

Foundation Brush

Foundation brushes have long, flat bristles that are tapered at the ends, which is good for applying the liquid foundation evenly. There is also a concealer bush that looks the same just smaller.
Powder Brush
Powder brushes are big and fluffy, which allows them to apply loose foundation evenly.
Kabuki Brush

A kabuki brush has a large bunch of bristles firmly packed into a circular base, with a very short handle. This brush is commonly used for buffing on different types of face powders and can be used for mineral makeup. This brush will give you a complete even finish.
Blush Brush

A blush brushes are used for adding color to your cheeks. There are two types of blush brushes that are most popular: large and fluffy blush brushes or small and angled blush brushes. The bristles should be soft, which will give you a more natural look.
Eye shadow Brush

Eye shadow brushes are small and come in a wide variety of shapes. Angled or pointy eye shadow brushes are used to line the eyes; blunt brushes are used to add color to the eyelids.

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