Monday, February 15, 2010

How to find your skin tone

Choosing a concealer or foundation for your skin tone can be tough. Every cosmetics company calls each shade a different name. But if you are sure about your skin tone this can become an easy task, no matter the product line you choose.
Tip: It’s always been said, to match the shades to your wrist. Well, that’s not always right. Your arm can be a totally different tone than your face. If you tan naturally, have splotchy skin this can easily create a problem. Instead match the shade to your chest, neck area. This will also prevent that ugly “makeup line” that appears on the jaw line if the tones aren’t matched properly. If your skin tone changes with the seasons, I advise that you find your tone for winter and the summer.

Cool: Your skin tends to be pinkish and you burn rather than tan in the sun. If your skin is a bit deeper your tan tends to be reddish rather than brown.

Neutral: Your tone is peachy, without obvious yellow or pink tones. You either burn immediately, or burn and then tan slightly.

Beige: Your coloring is beige-peach with a touch of yellow, and you may tan a bit.

Warm: You have noticeable peach to yellow undertones and tend to tan easily. If you are very pale you may still burn a bit at first. Your tan tends to be warm golden brown.

Golden: You have a rich yellow skin tone, without a hint of pink or beige. You tend to tan easily, unless you are very pale.

Olive: Your skin tone is beige without a hint of pink or yellow. You probably tan easily even if you are pale.

Level 0 Shade: Almost white on the skin. For the palest skin tones

Level 1 Shade: Extremely pale but with a bit of color.

Level 2 Shade: Pale but with color undertones.

Level 3 Shade: Light to medium skin tone.

Level 4 Shade: Medium skin tone.

Level 5 Shade: Caramel skin tones with any undertone.

Level 6 Shade: Between medium and deep.

Level 7 Shade: Deep Bronze or dark tan skin tones.

Level 8 Shade: Dark brown skin tones.

Level 9 Shade: Deepest skin tones – Usually called Ebony.

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