Monday, February 1, 2010

How to find your face shape part 2

Oval shape:

If your face is rounded, long and narrow without any dominant areas. It is an oval shape and is a harmonious shape.

Round shape:

If your face looks circular, short and wide with a low round hair line and a short chin and rounded jaw line. You can slenderize by adding to the vertical emphasis to make it appear more oval.

Oblong shape:

If your face looks long and narrow with a wide jaw line. You can apply deeper tones under the chin and horizontally at your hair line. Giving the horizontal lines should be emphasized as much as possible. Especially brow shape, cheek color and lip shape. You can also use highlighting to give you a visual look of width.

Pear shape:

IF your face has a narrow forehead and hair line is broad and straight. You can add width to the forehead by highlighting with a lighter tone; to reduce the width of the jaw line.

Heart shape:

If your forehead is wide and your jaw and chin line is narrow. Minimize the width of the forehead with contouring with a darker tone and widen the jaw line by highlighting with a lighter tone.

Diamond shape:

If your cheek bones are predominant contrasts with a narrow chin or jaw line. You can minimize width of your cheek bones by contouring them with a darker tone. Highlight your jaw line and forehead with a lighter tone.

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